Indian Wedding Decor - Family Tree

I come from a big family. I love the fact that every single person was an integral part of my upbringing and my wedding last year. There's nothing more that makes me melt than seeing wedding pictures of a bride with her parents and siblings. It really is so touching to have people who have known you since you were a little peanut and watched you turn into the ravishing bride you'll be one day. The next few blogs are dedicated to family!

We are loving the new twist on the traditional "Family Tree"! What a fun idea of putting pictures of your family on an actual TREE! It makes for a great idea for an outdoor wedding. Get family wedding portraits and put them in picture frames and hang them on a tree. The frames can be the same size or different shapes to add some flare. Include some flowers and hanging votive candles for some color and sass! It's a nice way to celebrate your family and decorate on a budget!


The Uncommon Event

Oregon Bride

Stay tuned for some more ideas on how to include your fabulous family in your wedding!

Indian Wedding Decor - Family Tree

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