DIY: Indian Wedding Monogram

A unique wedding is all in the details, but that doesn’t mean you need to break the bank to achieve it. That’s why today I am really excited to show you how to create the staple for all of your wedding stationery without spending a pretty penny. Presenting’s first DIY (Do It Yourself) tutorial: Creating Your Wedding Monogram.

Now many graphic design savvy brides would probably run to Photoshop and quickly whip up a beautiful monogram in less than five minutes, and to those brides I would say I envy you because I don't have a Photoshop wielding bone in my body. For anyone else like me keep reading to see how you too can create your custom monogram using nothing but the World Wide Web!

Step One:

Log onto and create a log in username and password. You MUST do this before beginning your logo design otherwise you will not be able to save your work or keep any of the images you created!

Step Two:

After you have logged in go to the homepage and click on the third button: start your logo. That will bring you to a screen similar to the one pictured below. After you see this screen choose option #2: editor.

Step Three:

This is where the fun begins! In the box to the right labeled add text; enter the text you would like your monogram to read. I suggest you do a little research beforehand and see what kind of monograms other people have done, and pick and choose what you liked about theirs and what you didn’t.

Step Four:

After you have figured out what you want your monogram to look like, you can start playing around with the type of fonts, character sizing (labeled scale), and color. Don’t be afraid to experiment if you want each word in a different font, color, or size go for it, the sky is the limit here!

Step Five:

When you are finished click the save button, and opt to have your logo emailed to you. will then send you an email with your logo attached in several different formats such as an eps, jpeg, tiff, or png file. After you receive your file you can then use your new custom monogram on anything from your wedding website, invitations, aisle runners, menus, escort cards, and programs!

Have fun creating your monogram. We'd love to see what you create!

DIY: Indian Wedding Monogram

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