Spring/Summer 2012 Trunk Show- Shehnaai Couture with Charisma Designs

So many trunk shows, so little time.  I had the opportunity to attend the Shehnaai Couture trunk show in New York featuring Charisma Designs and it was a great time.  Their studio was filled with so many gorgeous outfits from many designers that it was difficult to pick a favorite.  Shirin Vinayak, the vivacious founder of Shehnaai Couture, discussed the major or emerging trends this year.  “There are many trends in India that have not caught on here yet,” she explained, “Velvet is major in India at the moment but the US market has yet to embrace it.” A variety of textures and layers as well as a move towards smaller and more delicate embellishments seemed to be the trend especially in lenghas.  “A fuller lengha with lots of volume is very popular at the moment and the mermaid cut seems to be going out,” Shirin pointed out.

Ritu Boorgu, an elegant and soft-spoken brunette, who is the designer for Charisma Designs in Chicago, also shared with me her influences as well as trends she’s been keen on.  Her style and inspirations come to her out of the blue; she’s always loved clothes so anything at any given moment serves as inspiration rather than following a theme.  “Small pearl beading is definitely a trend we are seeing more,” said Ritu.  Her line for this season featured small pearls as well as layers of sheer fabrics delicately layered over brocade. “I also get more requests for sherwanis.” Indeed, my eye was immediately drawn towards a royal blue sleeveless sherwani with a beautiful embroidered belt. “A sherwani over a full lengha especially,” smiled Ritu.

When I asked which colors were popular this year, Shirin said there was a trend with brides going back to classic red again while Ritu said that her brides were opting for pink.  I guess it really depends on preference, but they both agree on these emerging trends, some which have not made it to the US yet: Smaller & more subtle rhinestones, pearl beading, color blocking, velvet, layers of chiffon, georgette and brocade, tulle or lace under lenghas, voluminous lenghas, and peacock themes.

Spring/Summer 2012 Trunk Show- Shehnaai Couture with Charisma Designs

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