Bollywood Flash Mob Indian Proposal

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you had an amazing Mother's Day - for many of you the love will double when you have two moms to celebrate next year!

We have THE sweetest wedding proposal to feature today. Yes, it's CineMonday, but we're stretching the rules given this is in video form.

Aayush loves to do bhangra, and his fiancee loves Bollywood, so clearly there was no other choice but to set up a flash mob wedding proposal in the middle of Pier 39 in San Francisco! Aayush meticulously planned the proposal and even got Ambika's family members involved via a secret Facebook page. The dance was choreographed in New Jersey and North Carolina, and taught to the large group via uploaded videos.

I am SO in love with this idea and amazed at Aayush's creativity! You have to watch this unfold - absolutely amazing!

From the bride-to-be: "I was incredibly surprised because I was certain that nothing would happen that day.  Aayush completely knocked my socks off!  And to see that he involved my brother, sister, and friends just made the whole thing ten times better.  The idea was so well thought out, both in execution and what I like, that it feels almost unreal."

I've seen it so many times and I still get tears in my eyes at the end, every time! Congrats to the beautiful couple - we wonder if there will be any surprises in store for the big day =)

Bollywood Flash Mob Indian Proposal

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