Rupali and Shalin Indian Wedding Highlights by A&A Video

If you missed our feature Indian wedding from the end of last week, make sure you catch up before we get started with CineMonday!

Aside from the Hindu ceremony, no element of this wedding was traditional. From the mechanical bull and line dancing at the Sangeet, to the LED dance floor at the contemporary reception, this couple kept their guests thoroughly entertained and surprised. I have no doubt in mind that this wedding was THE wedding of the year for the couple's guests.

If you loved the photos, you will really love the wedding highlights captured by A&A Video in Texas.


  • The disco ball and high tables in the sexy cocktail lounge

  • The bride's stunning jewelry fit for royalty + the bridemaids' sari blouses ... love!

  • The wedding party's reception entrance, complete with wigs and costumes!

Weddings don't get much more fabulous than this one!

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Rupali and Shalin Indian Wedding Highlights by A&A Video

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