To Match or Not to Match Your Indian Decor

This article is presented by Northern California event and floral design company, Envisage.


When considering types of decorations, the second question (the first question should be what you want the overall theme to be) you should ask yourself is whether or not your outfit should match your décor.  The overarching answer is no…and yes.  Let me explain.


First the “no.” This is your big day, so the focus should be on you, not how well the shade of fuschia you chose to wear is an exact match to the special hand-dyed fuschia hydrangeas you ordered.  When your outfit matches your décor, you will blend in and essentially you become just another centerpiece in the grand scheme of things – not exactly the punch you’re looking for on your big day.

Now comes the “yes” – you also don’t want to be in a situation where you completely clash with your decorations either.  For example, you don’t want light pink and turquoise decorations when your outfit is orange.  So what’s the solution?  Pick a minimum of two colors for your theme where one is the dominant color and the other is an accent.  Essentially, décor ties in best when the main color in your outfit is the accent color of your décor and vice versa.


One other thing to keep in mind – don’t match the colors of your décor with the exact shade of your outfit.  Variation in color shades adds another dimension to your event which makes it look even more spectacular.

Always remember that a good decorator will willingly put together a mock table setting with centerpieces and linens to help you visualize the end result.   After all, you don’t want any surprises the day of!

At Envisage, we work closely with you and customize our products and services to meet your needs – thereby making your event truly your own. So whether you need a full-fledged planning service or a couple of centerpieces, whether it be a gala event or a cozy dinner party – have Envisage transform it into a memorable occasion.

When it comes to your reception colors, have you thought about whether they should match your attire? Envisage, a leading event design company in Northern California, helps you figure out the answer.


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