CineMonday - Nisha and Rupak

Happy Monday, ladies! Especially to those of you who get a day off from work to daydream about your wedding day!

We're back with our second edition of CineMonday on the blog. Up first, we have a submission from Delack Media Group of Nisha and Rupak's Indian wedding in Illinois. Here are some details from the cinematographers, and don't miss my Must-See moments before you watch the film!

"Nisha and Rupak had a wonderful Bollywood wedding; starting with both of their grand entrances. Rupak surprised all of his guests by riding into the parking lot on a fire truck. Our friends from led the procession. Then, Nisha was carried into the ceremony on a beautiful doli. The wedding ceremony and reception took place at the Waterford Banquet Center in Elmhurst, Illinois. Congratulations to Nisha and Rupak! We wish you many years of happy memories."


  • The groom's entrance, not on a horse, but on a fire truck! And, of course, the dhol players playing while standing on top of the truck.

  • The colorful rumaals (handkerchiefs) used in the baraat

  • The fun, live cocktail hour entertainment

  • White HOT! From the draping of the ceremony entryway, to the mandap, to the bride's reception sari!

{Video Removed}

It amazes me how cinematographers like Delack Media Group are able to share the highlights of an entire Indian wedding day in less than 2 minutes! We'll be back with another gorgeous movie later today.

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