Introducing ... CineMonday!

We are so thrilled to announce our latest project ... Cinema Monday! Or, as we like to call it, CineMonday!

There are so many amazing changes in the world of wedding cinematography and an increasing number of couples are recognizing the value this has for their Indian weddings. While there is no replacement for your wedding pictures, your video is what will help you prove to your future grandchildren that you really DID tear it up on the dance floor at your reception =)

I have been holding on to this video for so long that I was about to burst! Filmed by the talented team at Higher Definition Media, this concept film was labeled Bollywood meets West Side Story. The bride-to-be approached HDM with the idea of creating a short film to show guests at the wedding reception. Within one day, they were able to develop the story and script, and shoot the entire film!

This concept video is the perfect CineMonday kickoff, and it makes me feel so thankful that I'm able to share these beautiful Indian weddings with all of you!


  • The amazing use of Imran Khan's song, Amplifier (turn up your speakers!)

  • Bhangra face-off on the streets of Los Angeles, lungis and all

  • Bollywood dream sequence, complete with flowers, trees and slow motion

  • California Bhangra fans - 3 letters for you - D R P

So what did you think? I was blown away by Raj and Jaimeet's oh-so-natural acting and about two seconds away from trying to relive my bhangra competition glory days! Hooked on this couple? Don't worry - we have their wedding highlights coming up in just a bit!

Introducing ... CineMonday!

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