Inspiration Board: Just Peachy

I love bold, bright Indian weddings but I realize that style is not for everyone. Many of you are planning wedding receptions that are primarily American, but want to include some subtle Indian touches. Others may be planning multicultural weddings and not want the Indian elements to overpower the decor. This 'Just Peachy' Inspiration Board, created by RS Wedding Consultants, is just what you need!

Inspiration Board created by RS Wedding Consultants
Image Sources: Dress, Flowers, Cake, Favor Boxes, Peach Drink, Centerpiece, Lights, Invitation, Shoes

rs Wedding Consultants are wedding planners for the Chic, Savvy Bride on any budget. We aspire to creating beautifully bespoke weddings that last a lifetime. Among being an advocate for wedding planning we pride ourselves on extensive research into wedding styles, fashion and tips. ‘Shaadi-Esque’ is our Premier Style Choice for Asian Brides and ‘rs Bridal BLOG’ is our English version.

Inspiration Board: Just Peachy

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