5 Ways to Classier Bridal Style

{IWS Note: We are excited to bring blogger, Miss Indian Bride, on board to share her years of Indian wedding planning experience with you. There is nothing she hasn’t dealt with, and no wedding planning topic she doesn’t have a strong opinion on. Get ready for her very candid tips!}

1. Lose the clutch. You really don’t need it, unless you’re using it to stash your phone so you can update your Facebook status at the mandap.

2. Ditch the bouquet.  In a Hindu wedding, bouquets can look awkward and out of place. Instead, carry a more traditional item like a garland or coconut.

3. Leave the tiara at home. It’s your wedding, not your Sweet 16.

4. Consider hair extensions if you have short or thin hair.

5. Leave the shy Indian bride act in the 1920′s and show off your pearly whites as you walk down the aisle. Don’t forget to stand straight and walk slowly.

(Bouquet Photo Source: 1)

5 Ways to Classier Bridal Style

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