Indian Wedding Baraat: Band Bajha Brass

I will always remember the first wedding I attended in India - though just barely since I was only 8. My fondest memory of the entire multi-day event was the blaring band, complete with multiple trumpets, that led the baraat. Ok ... and also all the money my cousins and I collected, though we weren't too happy with finding out that we had to turn it over to the entertainers!

Anyway, though I love the baraats I've been a part of at weddings in America, complete with dholis and singers, there's always been something lacking. Until now! I am so excited about the discovery of a group called Band Bajha Brass which combines the traditional aspects of an Indian brass band with funk grooves, and jazz inspired solos. An innovative experience is created with two trumpets, two trombones, a tuba, saxophone and two dhols.

Check out this sample ... totally takes me back to India.

Aaj Meri Yaar Ki Shadi Hai by Band Bajha Brass

I'd love to see a procession of family and friends surrounding the groom while dancing down the street to this song.

Band Bajha Brass leader, Sukhbir Channa, has toured throughout North America and Europe while performing with multiple Broadway shows. He also received his BA in Trumpet Performance from the University of South Florida. The group also offers an elegant jazz ensemble for the cocktail hour. If you're in Canada, you can catch them at the Suhaag Bridal Show on October 3rd.

Every wedding I go to has unique reception decor and other touches, but the baraat tends to be the same old. The addition of a band like Band Bajha Brass to your baraat will definitely make it a memorable one for your guests! Just make sure the kids know in advance that the money being thrown around is not for them to keep =)

Band Bajha Brass - Website / Facebook

Indian Wedding Baraat: Band Bajha Brass

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