Autumn Indian Wedding Ideas 2010

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Autumn is my time of the year.  The air is crisp and comfortable, and Mother nature plays MOB by giving all brides (those that live in the 5 affected regions of the world) the gift of natural wedding decoration. If you are a foliage fan, accept graciously and hold your celebration when the leaves turn colors and the air isn't too biting.

Not only do traditional Indian wedding colors compliment autumn's hues, but this season gives you the opportunity to pamper your guests like no other. For starters, your guests will appreciate not having to add another summer wedding to their lists!

Try the suggestions below, and your guests will leave your celebration with the warm fuzzies.


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1. Flowers
Stick to colors that complement the season. For the ceremony, decorate with red, orange and soft pink spray roses; gold, plum and burgundy orchids; and mango calla lilies. Experiment with dry branches, wheat springs, and berries.

2. Aisle
Take the most momentous walk of your life on rust, orange, and red rose petals.  The rose petal aisle runner above would look breathtaking in Autumn.

3. Chairs
Choose rustic colors to decorate your chairs. The rust sash and matching rose bunch on this tan chivari are perfect.


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4. Heat Lamps
Incase the day turns out chillier than you had hoped, keep guests warm with the heat lamps you remembered to reserve.

5. Ceremony Gifts
Autumn is slightly chilly, so help keep your guests warm during the ceremony. Arrange a basket with rolled up shawls with tags that read, "Please take one and keep warm."

6. Refreshments

  • Post Ceremony, Live Refreshment Counters:
    If you have time between your ceremony and cocktail hour, treat guests to outdoor refreshments. Ask your caterer to arrange for live corn and the cob (made Indian style over a grill) and Jalebi stations. Since these will be made live, make sure your caterer provides sufficient staff and you arrange for more than one counter for each refreshment.

  • Inter Ceremony Refreshments:
    Instead of the traditional icecream service, have servers offer Masala Chai, Hot Chocolate, or Apple Cider.

capuccino bar

7. Cocktail Hour
Spoil your guests with a Cappuccino bar. You may even opt to do this post ceremony.

8. Linens
Your guests will actually spend a significant amount of time just looking at dinner tables, so put some thought into how you cover them. Give your guests some eye candy with textured linens. Try visually intriguing fabrics like velvet, organza, silk or taffeta.

9. Dinner
Put the salad aside and warm up your guests with a starter of butternut squash or tomato soup with croutons.  Continue the remainder of the meal with family style service. For more on family style service, check out The A-Z on Family Style Reception Dinners.


10. Favors
Incense sticks. There's something about lighting incense sticks in cold weather that's heavenly. I'm obsessed with this Auroshikha Incense 18 Fragrance Mini Palette. A friend gave me one of these, and I keep reordering. You can get them at $6 up depending on the vendor.

10 warm and cozy ideas to help you plan an amazing Indian wedding in autumn. Pamper your guests with these tips on dinner, favors and more.


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