Ceremony: East Meets West

Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

This is a great way to add a special touch to your ceremony and involve your closest friends. You can choose to have them walk in with you or just silently be part of your wedding. Have all the men in sherwanis and the women in matching saris that complement your colors.


Who doesn’t love the beautiful little girls walking in throwing rose petals at a wedding? Choose one or many young girls and have matching outfits made for them. Give them baskets of rose petals or make small bouquets for them to carry. They’ll feel special for being part of your wedding and you’ll have a touch of beauty and innocence in your ceremony.

Walk Down the Aisle

Many religious ceremonies already incorporate this concept but you can always put a twist on it by choosing who you walk in with. You may want to go the solo route or walk in with your parents. But you can also have your bridesmaids walk in with you or your siblings. It’s a great way to announce your arrival.

Wedding Ring Exchange

It’s common for women to wear engagement rings and wedding bands even though they are not part of our South Asian culture. So why not incorporate the practice in your ceremony? Exchange wedding rings as part of the ceremony or after it has been completed. You can also make your nephew or other child a ringbearer and have him walk in with the rings.


The bride holding a bouquet is a picture we are used to seeing. It’s also a beautiful way to incorporate flowers into your ceremony. Customize your bouquet with your favorite flowers or those that will complement your bridal outfit.


Traditionally the bride and groom do not have much of a verbal role in the ceremony. If your officiate is fine with the idea, introduce your own personal vows to one another. This is a great way to really make your ceremony personal and express your love for one another.


These are especially necessary if you have guests that will be attending a South Asian wedding for the first time. Include explanations of the ceremony and allow guests to follow along so no one is left confused. You can also include information about your wedding party. Programs are also an appropriate way to honor and share the memory of a loved one who has passed away.

Indian wedding ceremonies are full of rich details. But if you’re looking for a modern twist that incorporates your American culture, try incorporating some Western wedding details. Make sure to clear any questions with your officiant to ensure that no traditions are dishonored.

Ceremony: East Meets West

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