Weddings Gifts for your Bride

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So you’re about to marry the beautiful woman who makes your life complete and puts a smile on your face. The least you can do is buy her a wedding gift to present to her on the wedding night. This practice goes back to the old tradition called the “mu-dikhai.” This was the practice of grooms presenting the brides with a gift on the wedding night in exchange for permission to remove their veils and view their face. Now your bride’s face probably won’t be hidden from you but we’re sure this is one tradition brides want to hold on to!

Check out our list and find the perfect wedding gift for your future wife. Make sure to choose something you know she would love (not just something you figure you can borrow later!)


Create a scrapbook of the memories the two of you have shared; this sentimental gift will make your future wife swoon. Include pictures of the two of you, poems or sappy emails you wrote to each other, ticket stubs from movies or concerts you went to together, etc. Fill up this book with memories that will make her smile more and more as she turns the pages.

Digital Camera

A great way for her to capture all the great moments your newlywed life will hold. This idea is even better if presented to her before the honeymoon. Make sure to do your research before buying so you get the best quality for your money.


Is your fiancé a busy woman who loves techie gadgets? Why not get her an iPad - it will help her plan the wedding and provide entertainment at the same time. And maybe she'll let you borrow it once you're married!

Sexy Lingerie

Ok this is more for the groom than the bride, but we’re sure both of you will appreciate it. Take a trip to Victoria’s Secret and find something you’re sure your new wifey will look amazing in.


Is there a certain necklace your fiancé drools over every time she sees it? Does she love wearing gold rings? If jewelry is her passion, that’s the way to go. If you need her size for anything, ask a family member or friend of hers to slyly find out for you. Find something you know she’ll love and treasure for years.

Spa/Massage on Honeymoon

Has your fiancé been completely stressed while planning the wedding of her, we mean, your dreams? Ease some of her tension after the wedding by purchasing massage sessions she can take advantage of during the honeymoon. Surprise her on the honeymoon with the gift … we’re sure she’ll love it!


Has your fiancé always wanted a dog? Does she have a cat at home that she can’t take with her because she’s moving away to be with you? Why not help her out and get her an adorable pet. It might be wise to talk to her about this in advance of buying so you can get an animal that both of you will love.


And we save the best for last. Who wouldn’t want a new car to cruise around in? If you have the budget for this gift and know she’ll love it, then surprise her on the wedding day with a shiny car wrapped in a bow. Order a personalized license plate frame and have someone creative make a customized filler license plate. She’ll think of you every time she’s on the road!

Everyone else is buying gifts for you, have you bought something for the love of your life? Check out our list and find the perfect wedding gift for your future wife. Make sure to choose something you know she would love (not just something you want!)

Weddings Gifts for your Bride

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