How to Colour Code Your Indian Wedding Right

If you’re a modern bride, you know that weddings are all about the theme. From the most mundane to the traditional safe ones, themed weddings have taken off as one of the most lucrative aspects of a wedding. Which is why when it comes to planning your own wedding, you would want to know what theme is best suited for the kind of event you are planning, and how elements like the time of the day, and the cuisine go along with it. 

For starters, imagine you’ve got everything ready for the big day, except that the decor is too bright for the night and the guests leave with an eyesore! To make sure your wedding is on point, consider these colour combinations that have us swooning!

1. Mint and Gold

Mint and gold is the perfect combination for summer days, especially if the wedding is during the day. We suggest mint and gold for a bohemian styled outdoor wedding, where the green from the trees can add to the mix. Be careful not to have too many strong elements as they could steal the limelight from these mellow colours. 

mint and gold - vis wed

Vis Wed

2. Grey and Ivory

For the less cheerful ones, grey and ivory make for a classic timeless combination that can set your wedding apart from others. The decor can be minimalist, and you could consider throwing in some bright roses to add to the ambience. Make sure you go for the same shade of greys- inconsistencies tend to stand out starkly!

ivory - inside wedding

Inside Weddings

3. Orange and Yellow

If you want to throw in a bit of yellow, embrace orange as your best buddy. The combination works especially well during the day, as the sun balances out the starkness of the two bright colours. You could also trade orange for a lighter shade- although we prefer a medium orange. If you wish to go traditional, use lots of marigold to decorate the mandap and lighten up the day!

orange and gold - coolbluez

Coolbluez Photography

4. Red and Black

If the night is your calling, red and black are classy- you can’t go wrong with these! You might want to spend some extra time thinking this through since the combination is a rarely used one for weddings. Perhaps a run-through with you and your partner in your respective trousseaus will help foresee any bright colour clashes so you can rectify them in time. Again, try to animate the little hints of colour that you choose to throw in- red carnations can do the trick!

red and black theme

5. Teal and Grey

These two colours, in lighter shades, can look stunning during the day. We absolutely adore the combination by itself, but if you like to throw in some extra jazz, consider carnations in coral shades on the tables. Don’t overdo the colours though, or the decor could go majorly OTT!

Teal and grey - RSVP events

RSVP events



Top 5 wedding themes for Indian weddings in 2018

wedding themes

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