5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Buy Your Wedding Dress Online

This is the age of one-click-buys and online shopping. And that's a lot of fun no doubt - just a little bit of browsing and what you want is at your doorstep! But buying your wedding dress online may not be the best of ideas. You may think that you'll get a better bargain in the virtual world, but sometimes, that's not enough. It's your wedding day, after all! You'd want to look your absolute best, right? Then say 'no' to the impulse of buying your wedding dress online. Here are five reasons doing so would be a disaster.

1. It's all about the fit - Always remember- the secret of fab clothing is its fitting. And all said and done, unless you've tried something out, you can't really know if it'll sit right on your body. Even if you are open to the idea of stitching and alterations, keep in mind that you still can never be sure - what if the outfit has work on it that'll get altered with fitting? Hadn't thought about that, had you?



2. When reality underwhelms - It is a common occurrence that what is delivered to you is not half as brilliant as you expected it to be. What you see on a website is under a specific kind of lighting, from a certain angle. There's a good chance that what you see is what you get, but, well, not quite, really. When reality underwhelms, and that too with a wedding dress - absolute disaster that is!



3. Too many doubts - Are you familiar with that feeling when you buy something online and keep thinking you're not sure you really want it? But you keep it, because, well, it's already there and you do think you like it, you're just not a 100% sure. Now would you want that to happen with your wedding dress? Don't think so!



4. Many hassles - Some will say, so what if there's something not quite right with the dress? You can easily return it. But think about it, do you want to hassle yourself with returns and refunds during the wedding prep phase of your life? Doesn't sound good, does it? Leave all that fussing for daily wear maybe, NOT your wedding dress.



5. Bad beginnings - We've all heard that well begun is half done. If the wedding dress you buy online is not everything you wanted and more, it's not the best beginning to your bridal shenanigans, is it? Why go through such stress and disappoint or the stress of the possibility of suffering such stress and disappointment? No thanks, a bride-to-be can do without that for sure.



Know why online shopping for your wedding outfit can be a big disaster.


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