Hindu Wedding Ceremony by Orange Films

Happy 2016! We're back with our first CineMonday of the New Year and we are absolutely obsessed! Today's wedding takes place in New Jersey and New York where Ami and Kapil were married in a multi-day soiree featuring an energetic garba, whimsical hindu wedding ceremony and reception. Orange Films was on hand to capture the couple's big day and weave it all together to make a beautiful love story!

Must See Moments:

  • Sweet speeches from Ami and Kapil's nearest and dearest

  • All of the garba fun!

  • Ami's stunning makeup and glistening jewelry

  • Love the couple's first look!

  • The energetic baraat

  • The stunning floral arrangements lining the mandap!

  • The petaled cake- so pretty!


Ami & Kapil from Edward Zilberman | Orange Films on Vimeo.

Hindu Wedding Ceremony by Orange Films

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