Tampa Florida Pakistani Wedding by Kismis Ink Photography

Today's detail filled wedding is brought to us by Kismis Ink Photography. Our couple, Jasmin and Hameed, were married in Tampa, FL in a multi day affair. The couple celebrated with a mehndi, sangeet/garba, ceremony and of course reception! I love the colorful decor they used for their mehndi- so festive!

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How amazing is this next set of photographs? Not only was Hameed being "cleansed," his friends took it a step further and made him into a human dessert!

Kismik Ink Photography did such a great job of capturing these action shots!

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Jasmin shares how her and Hameed first met:
Hameed and I met when we were in MS or HS, I can't even remember, but we were all a part of a group of friends. We weren't especially close, mostly just hi & hello. After college when we would both come home we started becoming a little bit better friends and getting to know each other more. Hameed has always been really involved with community work and he was on this education board within our community. He asked me to work on a project called EXCITE! and we got a little closer since we had a lot more interaction. The next year he became the chairman of that board and I was appointed a member so we got a lot closer and he became one of my best friends. We'd call each other for relationship advice and when I'd travel to SFL for work we'd hang out. We were really good friends for a long time, talked each other thru lots of relationships. 

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In March 2012 Hameed asked me to join a bunch of our friends on a road trip and we all went to D.C. and NY. This was probably one of the first times Hameed and I really hung out in a casual friendly setting for an extended amount of time. This trip was a blast and this is where it all happened. I was so focused on trying to make a good 2nd impression after my standoffish 1st impression with Hameed's best friend Joe that I didn't even see what was happening. Hameed and I spent a lot of time together, some of our friends were even wondering why we weren't a couple. Then at COSI over our FAVORITE tomato soup we had an awkward moment, which I of course had to call Hameed out on, it's rare that I get to call him out. =) Little did I know Hameed was starting to be interested in being more than friends. I left a few days before Hameed did on the trip and we had a rough last night. He said we couldn't be best friends anymore and I was heart broken. I couldn't figure out why it hurt so bad but it did. After I left Hameed and I continued to text and he told me we should talk when he got back. He got back, we talked and the rest is history! =)

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I am literally drooling over their ensembles and reception decor. Everything is so majestic and elegant!! To see more from today's wedding make sure to visit the photo gallery!

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Thank you so much to Kismis Ink Photography for sharing this gorgeous wedding and congratulations to the happy couple!


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