5 Things You MUST Know Before Buying a Bridal Lehenga

Well, let’s admit it. Indian weddings are kind of a big deal. And what’s an even bigger deal? What the bride dons as she says her vows. Wedding trousseaus have taken the world by storm since weddings became a thing, and there’s no way brides are backing down now!

For any Indian bride considering spending on a lehenga for her wedding soon, here’s what you should know about buying a lehenga before you do!

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1. Where to Buy

Make sure you have an idea about where you want to buy your special outfit from. Be it a high street label or a wedding flea market, some of the prettiest lehengas can emerge of neither. So stop going round and round in circles and narrow down on places whose fabric, fit and prices you trust- the rest will fall into place!

2. When to Buy

As important as it is know where you want to buy from, knowing when to buy is perhaps the best most important piece of advice you’ll ever need. Weddings are a seasonal market- buying off season could save you from bombing your pocket. Try and keep an eye on the market you’re buying from, and you’ll see how sale season brings a breath of fresh air to your financial life!


3. Choose the Cut, Colour, Fabric Wisely

The cut and colour might be a relatively easier compromise, but make sure you are comfortable with the fabric you are settling for. A velvet blouse might be all the rage, but a sleeved and embroidered one in a humid day wedding will literally drive you nuts. The key is to opt for breathable fabrics for humid and hot weather, while keeping it cozy for winters.

4. Alter in Time

If your Indian wedding lehenga needs major alterations, it is wise to get it done by the dealer that retails it. As long as you keep room for margins, you can be sure that any minor stitches can be made last minute if needed. You don’t want to end up with no time for your tailor to make it fit perfectly!

5. The Dupatta Saga

Sure, dupattas can be stunning, but only if done right! Do enough rehearsals beforehand to ensure that you truly want to carry your dupatta. If it seems a hassle, simply let it go! You’ll be much happier and stress-free without it.



Let's help you decide how you should go about Indian wedding lehenga shopping. Things to take care of and planning.

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