Here is what you should be doing after booking Indian Destination Wedding location

Congratulations! You’ve accomplished the most difficult task associated with planning a destination wedding – you’ve booked the location! While it is alright to get all excited and throw a small celebration party, it’s not okay to take your eyes off the ball. Sure, shortlisting and finalizing a location for your destination wedding is the most important task, but your planning and preparation is not over yet. If anything, it has just begun!

If you want to make your destination wedding the most memorable days of your lives, here’s what you need to do after you’ve finalized the location.


Announce your wedding plans to your family and friends

Unlike a local wedding, a destination wedding requires its guests to fly to a certain location that is selected by the couple for their big day. Typically, Indians want their immediate and extended family members to be with them on their big day, and in this case, their big weekend. However, not everybody is going to be able to drop everything at a short notice and fly to the location of your choice. So, after you’ve locked your wedding location, you need to announce your wedding plans to your guests. It is best to create a wedding website which will answer any questions that your guests might have. By giving them enough time to make their travel arrangements and take leave from work, you stand a better chance of having all your loved ones with you on your big weekend.


Clear your budget with your parents

Indian parents shell out a huge sum for their children’s wedding and so it is only right to clear the budget with them before making any monumental decisions. Not many people are aware that a destination wedding is in fact more economical than a local wedding. Be it the kind of food that is going to be served during the different events or the various vendors like the photographers and mehendi artists that you will be bringing on board, make sure to keep your parents in the loop about all your decisions. When everybody is on the same page, there is little room left for miscommunication as the wedding date nears.


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Place your trust in your wedding planner

There are several resorts that offer the services of a wedding planner. If your choice of resort doesn’t offer the services of a planner, make sure to hire one who you can trust with your life. Do a lot of research and take referrals from couples who recently got married. By selecting a planner who understands that an Indian destination wedding is culturally different from an American destination wedding, you’ll be able to save a lot of time and stress in the coming months.

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Hire the right vendors

Your plan is to have an Indian destination wedding in a foreign location so you need to be very careful while hiring vendors as most of them might not have past experience dealing with an Indian wedding couple and their requirements. For instance, when it comes to décor, you will want your choice of decorator to erect an authentic mandap. Similarly, you’ll need to hire a photographer that understands the different customs and traditions of an Indian wedding (You can read more about it here). The most important aspect of any wedding is the food. If your resort allows you to get food for your wedding events from an outside caterer, you need to find a caterer who can prepare delicious Indian food that will leave your guests satiated. The point is that while there may be several vendors out there who have experience planning destination weddings, you need to find those who can plan an Indian destination wedding.


Select the right kind of wedding apparel

Indian wedding lehengas and sherwanis are heavy and not advisable if you’re getting hitched at a tropical location. Make sure you select a wedding outfit that will complement your location’s season. You don’t want to be at the beach in the sweltering sun wearing velvet with heavy embroidery. Instead, opt for light-weight fabrics like georgette and chiffon that are easier to carry. While you’re at it, let your wedding party know the dress code you expect them to turn up in. There will be a few guests who will come to your wedding in a dress and beach slippers. If you’re not okay with that kind of a casual dress code, it is best to convey it to your guests well in advance.

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Reach your destination in advance

Make sure to reach the resort at least 2-3 days in advance to sort out any last-minute details. For instance, Indian families like to stay close to one another. So, once you reach the resort, make sure that all the rooms are allocated in the same section of the resort. While there, get updates from different vendors like your caterers, decorators and florists and solve last-minute glitches if there are any. Arranging for people who can play the dhol to welcome your guests will restore traditionalism at your destination wedding.


Depending upon your planning and execution, your destination wedding will either turn out to be a dream or a disaster. Make sure you sort the above-mentioned things as soon as you book your location so that you aren’t left flustered at the end moment.


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Planning an Indian destination wedding is no easy task. Make sure you take these steps into consideration while planning your big, fat destination wedding!


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