Hot New Ways to Sport Red Differently at Your Wedding

If you’re getting married soon and have red on your mind for that ultimate showstopping ensemble, we bet you’ve already been told you’re being too traditional, and that you need to jazz it up! With the perils of being a modern day bride, we completely understand your decision to sport red- and why not?! It’s a colour that speaks to us, of grace, love, richness, and yet it maintains that earthy hue we absolutely adore.

So what are your options? Well, if switching a palette isn’t on your list, try switching styles! Yep, there are a ton of ways you could sport a gorgeous red once you’ve set your mind on it- just mix and match and see how it perks you up on your D-Day! Here are some easy-peasy ways you can sport red with a tinge of tradition, and a ton of chic-ness!

1. Balance it Right

If you’re one of those brides who are in two minds about wearing just red, hold your horses. There’s obviously ways where you could mix and match, and balance your ensemble so that you aren’t sporting just red. Throw in a beige dupatta with a zari border for a regal uptake, or go for a pink dupatta where the border compliments that of the rest of your outfit. You’ll be surprised at how easily your D-Day dress is refurbished, and doesn’t seem dull with a single colour off the palate!

Plush aFFAIRS - Balance it right

Plush Affairs

2. Slick Silhouettes

When we say slick silhouettes, we mean it! This one is our favourite option for when you think you have a few extra bulges you’d rather not show off. Change up your silhouette and opt for a non-traditional outfit, such as a one-piece anarkali with cut out sleeves. Another interesting option would be a pre-made saree which gives you a myriad options to play with the pallu- wear it over your shoulder, or tuck it in! With the kind of versatility that red offers you, this one’s a win-win situation for all.

red lehenga

Gyans Online- fabric

Gyans Online

3. Train it Right!

One of our favorite ways to pull off a vibrant red is to let eyes trail over it! So when you think of that gorgeous gown that you want to sport for a cocktail, consider adding a rick red train to it. Not only will it save you the trouble of constantly carrying a pallu or dupatta over your arm, it is sure to add an uber cool cocktail vibe to your entire outfit! This one’s perfect for when you want to dance the night away, and it sure is an eye-catcher.

sHADES- Trail

SHADES Photography

4. Keep it Minimal

This one’s another favourite because it keeps your outfit looking neat and isn’t too showy or flashy: keep red as the minimal base, and accessorize it with layers of jewellery or with brocade dupattas. We obviously bias ourselves with the brocade here, but you could give silk or net a try! By playing down on the red, you get to sport the colour you wish to, and also flit around options to accessorize in fun ways!

Shreya Sen Photography- minimal

Shreya Sen Photography

Karthik bhagat -fabric

Karthik Bhagat Photography

5. Embroider the Red

If you don’t want the red as a base, we know exactly how to satisfy you! Choose a bare tone, such as cream or beige, and get your choice of red embroidered on it. Again, this is one of our go-tos for when it's a hot summer's day and you don’t want to sport red and catch too much attention.

Anupa Shah Photography - embroider

Anupa Shah Photography

When you have a plethora to choose from, that red isn’t too traditional an option, right? Remember to play it up- or down!- with some trendy waist belts, dupattas, or accessories that won’t make red the only highlight of your D-Day show stopper!


Here are 5 hot new ways in which Indian brides can don the classic red lehenga on your wedding day.

classic red lehenga

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