Checklist for your Indian Destination Wedding

Putting together a dream destination wedding takes all the hustle and bustle of planning a normal wedding with the added component of long-distance decision making. Whether you’re opting for a local destination or an international location, having a checklist can help you make your way till the wedding day with minimum levels of stress. This is especially true for brides who love staying organized and want to enjoy every step of the way.

With this checklist in your hand, we assure you that you’ll have a smooth-sailing and stress-free destination wedding. Take note, ladies!

1. Write a beautiful speech

You might not be having a Christian wedding where you’ll be exchanging vows, but it will be great if you could take five minutes from your cocktail party to address your to-be partner and thank him for giving you the most amazing wedding and thank your guests who flew all the way just to be with you on your special day. Make sure to keep it short. If it gets too emotional, end your speech on a funny note to keep the mood light after you’re done with your

2. Check in with your wedding party

Whether you’re doing it in person or over the phone, check in with each member of your wedding party. Ask them if they’ve made their travel arangements yet and where they are going to be put up. Enquire about how they’ll be travelling and if they need anything at all. After all, you’re the host and your guests will feel great if they know you’re looking out for them.destination-wedding-guests

3. Book your local appointments

You don’t want to land at the resort only to find out that the spa is completely booked during your wedding weekend. It is therefore smart to make all appointments in advance. Whether you want to book an appointment at the local salon or with the best nail artist in town, make all the arrangements before you depart for your destination.indian wedding bridal makeup

4. Check if the dress fits

Different women respond differently to stress. Some put on weight, while some other lose weight. If you’re one such woman, you might want to try the various dresses you’re going to wear during the different wedding events and see if they fit you perfectly. It’s also a good idea to try all your accessories during the final fitting so you can have a preview of your complete lehenga

5. Double check all your documents

From your resort bookings to your flight tickets and your passport expiration date, make sure you check and double-check all important documents before taking off for your dream destination wedding. Make a separate folder for all the legal and travel documents you’ll need for the duration of the wedding and keep it in a safe

6. Get in touch with all your vendors

Reach out to all your vendors like your photographers, videographers, make-up artists and decorators and confirm the finalized terms and timelines with each one of them. If any issue arises, enlist the help of your wedding planner who will gladly straighten out all the details for you.2-indian-bridal-makeup

7. Have a chat with your wedding photographer

Whether it’s the kind of poses you want to get clicked during your pre-wedding photoshoot or the list of photos you want over the course of the various events, make sure your photographer is briefed well. Also, try to build a rapport with your photographer so he/she is comfortable during the wedding and so are you with his/her ever-looming presence.Charo and Mike Photography

8. Do something that relaxes you

You’re bound to be all jittery with the big day not far away anymore. Take some time out to be by yourself. Ask yourself this - what is the one thing that has an instant calming effect on me? Whether it is reading a book or playing the guitar, do it till you feel yourself relaxing. Doing this will calm your demeanour and help you enter your destination with a positive outlook.


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9. Pack the gadgets

Make a list of all the gadgets and their corresponding wires that you’ll need during the wedding. You don’t want to run from pillar to post in search of a charger that will fire up your laptop once you’ve reached your destination. Also, if you’re travelling overseas, you have to carry the proper electrical converter. It is also smart to label your cell phone, cameras, tablets and laptops with your name and email address just in case they get misplaced. Busy brides are infamous for losing track of these things over the course of their wedding.

10. Check the schedules of recreational activities

Do you have something amazing like a barbeque at the beach planned for your guests? Better yet, is your wedding party going to let their hair down at the karaoke session you have planned for them? Whatever the activity may be, make sure all your guests are informed in advance so they know what to carry for the activity and to keep that time slot free. Also, confirm with your resort about the schedules of those activities so there aren’t any surprises last minute.dreams-tulum-pool


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Dear brides, tick off these things before taking off for your Indian Destination Wedding


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