Indian Wedding Preparations in Advance of Destination Travel

Congratulations, you are getting married. Are you considering a destination wedding? Well considering how much easier it is and how much more fun you’ll have, yes, you should consider an Indian destination wedding. Now, since a destination wedding will likely have you flying off to a foreign land for your incredible Indian wedding ceremony, it's worth knowing the laws in advance of booking your resort or venue.


Some destinations have strict residential requirements. In cases like these, we advise to save yourself the additional work and tie the knot legally at home in the USA or Canada. An added benefit of taking care of the legal marriage in advance is that if you or your South Asian family or relatives are more conservative in nature, everyone should feel a lot less self-conscious while at your remarkable resort, about you staying in the same room as your fabulous fiance before the actual Indian wedding ceremony.


According to our partners at Palace Resorts wedding department -- the experts on weddings in Cancun -- if legally marrying on location in Mexico, the bride and groom must arrive three days before they intend to legally marry. That’s usually not an issue for a typical Indian wedding or South Asian nuptials in general as there are multiple events that occur before the actual wedding ceremony.


Most couples decide to have these events onsite at the resort. Our resort partners are well aware of Indian wedding requirements and are prepared to host any and all religious or cultural events leading up to and including the wedding. That includes Hindu, Jain, Sikh, Muslim, Christian and Buddhist Indian weddings.

In addition, some other matters you’ll want to consider before you get on your resort destined flight include:

  • * Making a copy of your passport and entrusting it with a trusted person who is not attending the wedding. That could even include your lawyer or local notary. This is in case your original passport is lost or stolen. Then you’ll have a backup to use with customs at the airport.

  • * Make sure to pack along enough medication and supplements that you routinely consume at home. It it means putting them in two plastic containers marked with each day of the week, why not. Organization is your friend while travelling.

  • * If you use lotions and sprays, medical equipment or health aids (including your glasses), don’t forget to leave some room for these in your luggage.

  • * Now that doesn’t mean over pack, weighing yourself down -- just the things you need and absolutely want. When it comes to Indian wedding decor for instance, our resort partners are well prepared to handle almost any South Asian request.

As a bonus, here are a few more potential wedding related requirements to consider before you fly off:

  • * Blood test requirements if you are legally marrying abroad

  • * Witness requirements for your foreign legal wedding certificate

  • * Border Customs thresholds for purchases while abroad

Trust me, it's worth the extra effort to know the laws before you book. If you need any help figuring this out, feel free to drop me a line using almost any of the online forms on this site. It will reach me. But just remember to include your email and phone number so I can respond promptly.

Are you considering a destination wedding? It's worth knowing the laws in advance of booking your resort or venue.


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