Trimming Your Indian Wedding Guest List Without Guilt Through Destination Travel

Indians weddings are great fun. They can also be a lot of work for the bride and groom especially as the list grows and easily get above two hundred.

At that point, not all guests are going to be close relatives or friends. Some will be invited out of obligation and many will attend for the free night of boozing and rowdiness.


Destination weddings are a great way to trim the list without hurting others feelings. There is a natural barrier to entry which is the cost of travel and the hotel stay. That will usually ensure that the guest are relevant parties.

Many couples use destination weddings as a way of creating an "experience" for themselves and their guests. That is more easily accomplished with a smaller group of friends and family who are more invested in their relationship with you and one another.


Having your wedding at an all-inclusive resort offers many opportunities to have an amazing experience with your guests. All of these resorts have a variety of activities for the bride and groom to enjoy as a couple and with their guests.

Palace Resorts provides resort credits that can be used by wedding couple and their guests to enjoy the variety of activities made available both on the resort and off-site.

The longer you stay, the more credits you earn. At Palace Resorts for instance, if you stay 3 nights you earn $500 in credits, and as much as $2500 in credits if you stay 12 or more nights.

Here are the five tiers of the Palace Resorts


Keep in mind, these resort credits are per room -- not per person. So if your stay has earned $2500 in resort credits, that the total pool of credits the two of you will be able to use during your stay. It’s also worth noting that in most cases, there will also limits to how much any one room can use in resort credits for a particular activity.

Popular resort credit applicable activities include services at the resort spa, and rounds of golf (very popular with the groomsmen we’ve noticed). Guests of any Palace Resorts property are able to, during their stay, use their resort credits on the stunning Jack Nicklaus designed golf course at the Moon Palace. Transportation to the Moon Palace


Because activity prices are changing due to off-peak sales, you can get the latest deals on spa services and golf by contacting through our convenient online forms. Just mention what services you are interested in. We’ll be happy to do the legwork for you and get back to you with details on pricing, limitations, promotions and advice -- for any resort.

If you are staying at a resort in Cancun or Riviera Maya, a popular off-site activity that will leave a lifelong impression is a tour of the historic Mayan pyramids at Chichen Itza. Mayan culture in the Yucatan Peninsula pre-dates the arrival of the first European explorers by thousands of years.

Moon Palace to Chichinitza

Visiting Chichen Itza will take you back in time, giving you a sense of the rich history of the locals (who just happen to make up the majority of employees at the resorts). The typical resort credit price for a Chichen Itza day trip is $160 per person at Palace Resorts for instance. That means a three night stay at one of their resorts will just about cover the price of the tour for two people.


Wedding couples sometimes are not only able to earn resort credits (to use for fun activities with or without their guests), but also can earn very useful wedding related credits. These additional credits can help you have your dream wedding without breaking the bank.

For instance, Palace Resorts is running a special that will provide you with a whopping $1500 in wedding credits for wedding related extras such as additional flowers and/or specialized décor. To get in on this deal though, you’ll need to hurry -- only those booking before January 15, 2017 qualify for this special promotion.

If you would like more details, feel free to contact through our online forms. Just mention Palace Resorts$1500 Wedding Credit promotion and we’ll be sure to get you all the details, evening putting you straight through to the right people at Palace Resorts

Having your wedding at an all-inclusive resort offers many opportunities to have an experience with your guests. All of these resorts have a variety of activities for couples to enjoy - both as a couple and with their guests.

Moon Palace Destination Weddings

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