10 Amazing Ways to Photograph Your Bridal Mehendi

“Photography is the story we fail to put in words” – Destin Sparks

Every wedding is a tale of two lovers who will join hands till eternity. When an Indian bride's hands are adorned with henna it embarks new beginnings – new colours of life!

hitched and clicked

Capturing such a beautiful symbol of love is in itself freezing the moment that is enriched with the real beauty of life. A lot of innovative, creative ways are emerging in the field of photography, so why not use them in encapsulating your ‘mehndi’ designs –

1. Minimal Posing

Why not add a little poise and pose while getting your mehndi-laden hands clicked! It will add grace to your picture and will capture the henna with all its details and intricate designs.

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CoolBluez Photography

2. With your Pet

Mehndi on your feet can be captured with your dearest pet adjacent to you! It can be the most favourite picture of a tail lover who has a piece of her heart in her pet.


Karan Sidhu Photography

3. Pearls and Florals Haathphool

Sometimes over-accessorizing is not extra, it is required to add glitz. When the already adorned hands with checked henna patterns are embellished with a subtle and classy hand accessory, then it looks no less than a cherry on the cake!

with flowers - hitched and clicked

Hitched and Clicked

4. With your Better Half

All the pictures and the mehndi looks extra-ordinary when both the bride and groom are together. If your man runs away from the henna then nothing better than getting a candid when there is lot of teasing, bantering and jest going on! After all, you want to cherish such moments time and again.

with partner - hitched and clicked

Hitched and Clicked

5. Monochrome Display

Somebody has rightly said – “When you photograph picture in colour, you photograph their outer appearance but when you photograph picture in black and white you photograph their souls” A greyscale picture of your henna will look absolutely gorgeous!

black and white coolbluez

CoolBluez Photography

6. With your Outfit's Borders and Designs

Nothing better than hitting two targets with the same stone! Flaunting your henna and your outfit, its borders in a photograph both at the same time.

cupcake productions

Cupcake Productions

7. In a Frame

Your intricate mehndi designs and patterns is always ‘worth a frame.’ So why not gather some accessories or quirky frames to encapsulate your henna.



8. Bollywood Poses

If you are the one ‘Shaadi krungi toh sirf kareena wala designer lehnga pehen kr’ then you must learn Kareena’s ‘being shy pose’ from the movie ‘Main Prem ki deewani hun’ to display your mehndi-laden hands! Disclaimer – This one is for the girls obsessed with Bollywood and its big-fat weddings.

bollywood - hitched and clicked

Hitched and Clicked 

9. Add lights

A radiant mehndi will add a lot of glam and lustre to the photograph. So, beautify the surroundings with lights and lots of flowers.

10. Close-ups

Closer the better! A close up of your mehndi-laden hands will make the exquisite designs visible and easier for your man to search for his name once again when you re-open the wedding album!

minimal posing  - coolbluez

Coolbluez Photography

Indian brides - here are 10 beautiful ways to photograph your mehendi laden hands.


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