How to Settle on a Sangeet Outfit

When buying for a wedding, settling on an outfit can be quite the task. Apart from factors of convenience and style, there’s just a ton of options flooding trousseaus these days and it can get incredibly tough to circle in on any one.

If you’re looking for the perfect outfit for your Indian sangeet ceremony, we got your back. Amidst all the colours, cuts, and styles, if there’s one constant we suggest you keep in mind, its comfort. Yes! Ladies, you’re looking at a night of dancing and high energy stints. Plus, you don’t want to tire yourself out just before the wedding, do you?

So when looking for an outfit, ask yourself these fundamental questions before you choose the calling of your heart!

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1. What Are You Looking For?

First and foremost, ask yourself what the occasion is. If you’re simply looking at a sangeet ceremony, you’d much rather settle on a less extravagant outfit than one you’d don if the mehendi was clubbed with the sangeet ceremony. Remember to be clear on what kind of occasion you’re looking at- whether you will be stationary for a couple hours, which is when you can afford to carry off that lavish lehenga, or whether you’re going to be moving around a bit- and we suggest you seriously look at some lightweight lehengas.


2. Colour Code

The sangeet ceremony is your opportunity to don a shade that you perhaps wouldn’t otherwise wear. Especially if your sangeet ceremony falls on a night, we suggest you go all out and choose a dark shade from all the maroons and indigos the world has to offer! Experiment, but we’d also recommend going through the details with a fine toothed comb.

3. Lehenga or Saree?

Ah, the fundamental question that plagues young brides these days. While a saree is elegant and stunning, lehengas are fun and can add that perfect spin to your outfit. Lehenga or saree? A bright lehenga saree with an embellished dupatta, we say!

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4. Functionality

Okay, now for the serious bit. Always, always remember that your comfort and convenience lies before anything else. Be functional- but also be fun! Since sangeet ceremonies are primarily ones that involve a lot of dancing, remember to settle in on something that you’re sure you’re okay with shaking a leg in. And if you’re performing, then be extra sure your outfit can carry the weight of all those moves! 

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When looking for a sangeet outfit, ask yourself these fundamental questions before you choose the calling of your heart!

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