Things Every Bride Can Learn from a Sikh Bride

Gifted with thick, luscious hair, porcelain skin and delicate features, a Sikh bride is really one of the most awe inspiring brides there can ever be. Not only do these women groom themselves well enough to look this gorgeous, but they are also usually mindful of what they eat, thanks to which they can carry off almost any kind of outfit. Nevertheless, there are quite a few things that a Sikh bride can pull off unlike any others! Check out our compilation of what a Sikh bride can rock with the ultimate swag!

1. How to Pull of Thick Brows

Yes, Sikh women are naturally gifted with thick, bushy brows and they aren’t afraid to flaunt them! Thick brows have only now taken the world by storm, when our desi girls have been rocking them for centuries. Let those brows speak volumes, but if you think you really need to, tweeze them just a little to perfect their shape in accordance with that of your face!


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2. How to Carry off a Veil

A Sikh bride and a net veil are the devil’s combination. Not only do delicate net veils look uber classy, but those with tiny intricate detailing just add to the bride’s aura and make her look irresistible. While veils in the same colour are a good option, try experimenting a little- opt for an orange dupatta with a pink lehenga for a contrasting colourblock that will jazz up the look!



3. How to Accessorise for a Day Wedding

Sikh weddings usually happen during the day, in the mornings, and are followed by lavish brunches. Sikh women look their gorgeous best by keeping the elements minimal in terms of their colour and style. A blue pastel lehenga with chunky silver jewelry is the way to go for a summer day. And of course, heavily accessorized silver jewelry is the way to go. Yes, girls, less is more!


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4. How to Ditch the Gold for Vintage

Sikh women look their charming best by ditching blingy gold for royal vintage jewellery. Not only is silver the perfect companion to the much loved pastel lehenga, but it also pleases the eye a lot more than gold does, which ages the entire look. If you really wish to sport some gold, though, try weaving it through your trousseau- gold and silver embroidery on a lehenga will keep it minimal and spark up the look.

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Weddings by Color Blind

Check out our compilation of what a Sikh bride can rock with the ultimate swag!

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