15 Phoolon ki Chaadar Ideas for a Rocking Bridal Entry

They say a bride looks her radiant best on her wedding day. And we’re sure you’d love to show off that glow with a traditional, hands-on authentic phoolon ki chaadar covering your head, one made of roses to add to your ethereal entry!

The phoolon ki chaadar was originally meant to ward off evil eyes and keep the bride looking her absolute best, surrounded by a bed of blowers, on her wedding. While the concept might have changed, the sentiment remains. The phoolon ki chaadar these days is often carried by the bride’s brothers and uncles, as her father walks with her under it. The entire ritual is one of loving protectiveness towards the young bride. Check out these simple ideas to make your phoolon ki chaadar one that lives on in the memories of those looking at you. 

1.  All Things Cute - Flowers, Paper Lanterns and Butterflies

 flowers, paper lanterns and butterflies - A-Cube project

A-Cube Project Photography

2. Simply Orchids 11 - orchids

The Cheesecake Project

3. A Cocktail of Roses, Jasmine, and Orchids

 Jodi Clickers - roses, jasmine, orchids

Jodi Clickers

4. Colorful Tassles on a Sheer Dupatta

colorful tassles on dupatta - Rangresa Pictures

Rangresa Pictures

5. Dupatta Matching the Bridal Outfit

Dupatta - Amrit & Krutika

Amrit and Krutika

6. A Bucket Full of MarigoldsMarigolds

7. Exotic Flowers 

exotic flowers- Joseph Radhik

Joseph Radhik Photography

8. Edgy Paper Flower with Lights

Paper flower with lights- Dhanika Choksi Photography

Dhanika Choksi Photography

9. Pompom and Pin Wheels

pompom and pin wheels - Rakesh Prakash Photography

Rakesh Prakash Photography

10. Roses, Kaleere and Mogra 

roses, kaleere, mogra - Arjuns Tryst with the Camera

 Arjuns Tryst with the Camera

11. Cutesy Umbrellas 

UMBRELLA - karan sidhu photography

Karan Sidhu Photography

12. Traditional Roses and Jasmine Garlands

roses and jasmine - Harsheen Jammu Photographers

Harsheen Jammu Photographers

13. Dupatta with Lights

10 Faizan-Patel-Photography

Faizan Patel Photography

14. Mogra Garlands in Umbrella Shape

Mogra Garlands - Hari photo

Hari Photo

15. Roses, Kaleere, Mogra

roses, kaleere, mogra - Chhobighar


And that being said, you can make your entry all the more stunning by tweaking your phoolon ki chaadar.

Some of these might sound or look elaborate, but with a little help from your event organiser or wedding planner, you can totally rock your phoolon ki chaadar and make your entry the showstopper of the night!


Check out these simple ideas to make your phoolon ki chaadar one that lives on in the memories of those looking at you.

colorful tassles on dupatta - Rangresa Pictures

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