The Most Amazing Nath Trends 2017 For Gorgeous Brides

We bet you’ve rocked a nath at least once with that gorgeous heavily embroidered lehenga, or with a more traditional ensemble, like a poshak. But very few actually know what the nath stands for. An age old Ayurvedic tract recommended a nose piercing for women, as it supposedly carried benefits of acupuncture. Thus, wearing a nath back in the day became a fad, not only because it was said to reduce menstrual pain and pain during childbirth, but also because women in the subcontinent took to the nose ring so beautifully and made it their own!

Today the nath has travelled a long, long way from its meagre beginnings. Brides often adorn one on their wedding day as it adds an irresistible charm to the quintessential wedding attire: the lehenga. The nath has also seen variations in size, depending on how heavy the bride wants it to be, and can be found in a hundred different styles, encompassing kundan, pearl, motyachi and other regional variants.

So whether it is a Maharashtrian nath with a tiny pink bead you think you want, or a classic vintage nath with intrinsic beadwork, here are the biggest nath trends for modern brides, here to stay!

1. How stunning is the bride looking in this gorgeous mid-size nath with a delicate string holding it all.  Gaurav Artwanis Photography (bride - geet kukreja)

 Gaurav Artwani's Photography 

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2. A simple nath with two-three beads can be suffice to make a bride's face look beautiful!

 Prateek Dua Photography

 Prateek Dua Photography

3. A small nose ring with a droplet at the bottom is hot in 2017! Ideal for the girls with a petite frame!

1 - mahima bhatia

Mahima Bhatia Photography

4. A big bridal nath with flower droplets (with a hint of green) to go along with the red outfit! This is so unique and we can't stop drooling over it.


CoolBluez Photography

5. A quirky nath with a bit of drama never hurts. We are head over heels in love with the nath that has so much going on, with the pretty pearl beads taking it to another level. 

aviraj saluja

Aviraj Saluja Photography

6. A statement nosering made of crystals and pearls is totally rocking in 2017. These bridal baths are totally adding 'bridal' to their bridal look. 

Karan Sidhu Photography

Karan Sidhu Photography 

7. Just can't take off our eyes from this vintage bridal nath that is adding so much grace to the entire look. 


Stories by Poojaj Joseph

8. A simple, stunning bridal nath made of kundan can never go wrong. Sam & Ekta - Sonder Frames (bride-vidisha)Sam & Ekta - Sonder Frames

9. If you love drama and are completely okay about carrying off an oversized nath, this one's for you! Go ahead and flaunt one on your wedding because oversized noserings are totally in trend in 2017. the wedding matineeThe Wedding Matinee

10. It is completely safe to say oversized gold naths are going to rule this year!  stories by pooja josephStories by Pooja Joseph 


One accessory that completes a bridal look is a nath - checkout all latest bridal nath trends that are going to rule 2017.

aviraj saluja

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