Quintessential Hair Dos for the Bride with Short Hair

Think bridal hairstyles and images of long, sweeping locks are the first to pop up. But short hair is in- and for good! Unbeknownst to many, short hair is actually perhaps the most versatile of them all! If you’re going to get married with shorter locks, read on for the five hands-down winners for your wedding hairstyles.

Hint: Accessorising is key!

Messy Updo

Everything about a wavy updo spells magic. Just use a curling iron to impart waves, and secure the longer strands up with bobby pins. Volume is your best friend. This one’s great for edgy brides, and those who want a bohemian vibe to their outfit. It’s chic, yet messy, and classy!

messy updo


Low Chignon

Slightly conventional, yes, but timelessly elegant. A low chignon goes best with gowns with plunging necklines. The fun part is, you can play with accessories- from a simple, sleek bobby pin to a fresh gajra- to suit the occasion. A win-win!

low chingon


Vintage Curls

This one has us super excited! It is undoubtedly the classiest of them all, and complements everything- from a low neckline to a bandhgala velvet blouse. Although it might suit taller women more, definitely give it a try with your stylist. Sleek, chic and classy- it’s an instant favourite. (P.S.- Here’s a cheat- wear this one out with a bold red lip!)

vintage curls


Keep it Chic

If you prefer to leave your hair open, we’re on your side. Just make sure you tame any flyaways and your hair has a healthy shine. Use a volumizer carefully- it could blow your do out of proportion to your face. Simple yet elegant, soft waves or sleek straight, keeping it real and simple makes your whole look fresh!

open hair


French It!

For those with slightly longer hair, a french plait can hold your hair together beautifully under a veil. 

french hairstyle


Take a look at some of the bridal hairstyles that are apt for brides with short hair.

bridal hairstyle

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