Top Stylish Wedding Themes That Break the Mold

Indian weddings are a big affair and everything needs to be just perfect. And that’s fair because for the couple getting married, it is indeed a lifetime event. Should such a landmark moment of your life not be full of positive energy, your loved ones and a lot of oomph? Most definitely so. But how do you infuse the wedding arrangements with a healthy dose of glamour? By having a brilliant theme! Themed marriage functions are the way to go these days; from the decor to the food to the couple’s attire and more, everything should be complementary, based on a common sensibility. You’ve probably read about such weddings, maybe seen them in movies too. Now it’s time to pick your own theme, and by God, it has to be good! Here are some ideas based on the top stylish wedding themes for 2016.

1. Let’s Get Quirky

Being quirky and different is so in vogue. Break all convention and plan your wedding the way you want it and not how it’s “always been done”. Let the function be a reflection of you and your partner’s personalities? Want to make your grand entrance on a bike? Do it. Want to wear shades with ethnic clothes? Do it. Don’t want long pujas? Omit them. Make no mistake, guests are not going to forget your quirky wedding for a long while!

Quirky Theme


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2. Let’s Be Rustic

You could go in the completely opposite direction as well by embracing everything classic. A good idea would be draw upon your cultural roots and have everything arranged accordingly. Have the decor and reflect the same with traditional patterns, colours or flavours and so on. Include every small and big ceremony as part of the proceedings. And don’t forget, rustic weddings have their own charm!

Rustic Theme


3. Let’s Go Green

A lot of people are going in for eco-friendly wedding parties. The cards are made of handmade paper, the lighting is minimal/power-saving/natural. Everything is a celebration of nature including the table centrepieces, food and beverages. Wastage is minimal and the cause is noble – twin benefits, eh? But green weddings require much more planning for sourcing a lot of stuff can be slightly difficult.   

Green Theme


4. Let’s Be Minimal

Minimalism has taken the wedding industry by storm this year. People don’t want over-the-top, gaudy arrangements but simple, sober everything. If you are considering something like this, you could go in for pastels or monochromatic aesthetics. The ceremony could be equally simple too, sans the endless (and often pointless) pictures, 101 decadent dishes and so on.Minimalistic Theme


5. Let’s Do It All

A polar opposite approach to weddings has been to go all out. If you have always enjoyed what is bold and beautiful, let that be how your wedding ceremony is too – loud, crowded and teeming with energy. Have the most elaborate decorations, fancy food, all possible ceremonies, the full range of mantras and so on.  If you’ve always dreamed of getting married the big, fat, Indian way, then go ahead! It’s so in trend these days. 

Big Fat Indian Wedding


Today we have some offbeat wedding theme ideas for those who want to make their wedding an unforgettable affair.

Rustic Theme

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