5 Trending Themes For a 2017 Engagement Party

Hosting your engagement party? Do it in style and it’ll become a cherished memory for not just you and your fiancé, but the rest of the attendees too. Since engagement parties are not as elaborate as the wedding or pre-wedding functions, you have a lot of wiggle room to plan as you like. Having a theme for the party would be a great idea for it would add novelty, fun and a wee bit of spice to the whole thing. Here is a list of engagement themes that have been trending high for 2017.  

1. Carnival

Everyone loves the festivity and mayhem of carnivals. Let your engagement party be just exciting. You and the guests will have the freedom to dress up as quirkily as you want. You can have finger foods only instead of a traditional lavish buffet. You can have a jazzy photo-booth, funky decorations and an open bar with novelty cocktails and shooters. Sounds like fun, right? 


2. Barbeque

Why have your engagement party in a crowded, closed space? Take it to the rooftop or outdoors, depending upon whether you want a day party or an evening event. If the weather’s good, you can host a barbeque brunch with live catering and light drinks. Or plan a barbeque night with music, dancing and romance under the stars. It’ll be a night to remember!Barbeque

3. Sporty

If you and your fiancé are very much into sports, your engagement party could be a tribute to that aspect of your bond. Host an outdoor party with games, matches and trophies. If there’s a particular sport you both like, such as football or basketball, have a match between the couple’s guests. Serve picnic food at the end of the sporty merriment and watch everyone gobble them up.

Sports theme

4. Chocolate

Now this is for chocolate-lovers who’d want to add a taste of that rich, yummy goodness to their engagement party. Let everything be about chocolates. Send them out with the invitations, have a brown and golden decor at the venue, have a chocolate fountain and loads and loads of chocolate-based edibles. In fact, you could one step further and have a dessert-only party that starts post-dinner!


5. Bonfire

Who doesn’t love bonfire night? Turn your engagement party into a fun-filled bonfire event where everyone dresses up casually, sings and dances around the fire and eats fire-roasted snacks. Have an outdoor bar, some live music or a DJ and great rustic food and drinks.  Your engagement party will be one of the most fun, upbeat events ever.


Best themes for planning your engagement party in 2017.


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