Tanzania South Asian E-session by Riz and Lisa Photography

Happy New Year! I hope everyone has recovered from the festivities. We start off 2013 with a sweet and lovely e-session submitted to us by Riz and Lisa Photography.  I love the lighting and colors of this photo shoot but I especially love that this e-session location was the place where the couple first met. Fatema and Irfaan had been long time friends who met in a golf course, eventually fell in love and well, I'll let the groom tell you all about it after the photos!

Photographer - Lisa Manji - www.rizandlisa.com

Story from the groom: Fatema and I first met about ten years ago at the Dar-es-Salaam Gymkhana golf course. I was just picking up the game while Fatema had already been playing a few years. We became friends instantly.We spent our evenings playing golf, although I remember Fatema ducking my calls from time to time to play a round of golf together because she thought she was too good at the time. Growing up we were close friends and the best part was we never ran out of things to talk about while we played four and a half hours of golf everyday. At the end of high school we both went our separate ways, Fatema went to D.C. and I went to Florida. We lost touch, but somehow always managed to find our way back into each others' lives. Then one day a few years ago Fatema decided to pull a prank on me and told me she got married; I still remember how angry I was. I guess in hindsight I always had feelings for her but didn’t know it. A few summers later we decided to grab a cup of coffee after golf and it seemed like things fell perfectly in place. Funny how our lives merged so smoothly, never had either of us thought we would end up together, having known each other for a decade at the time. One year after that cup of coffee, we found ourselves standing in the same place, where it all began. What I find amazing is that two kids became good friends, went separate ways, walked in and out of each others lives and fell in love 10 years later on the very same spot they first met, the golf course.

Tanzania South Asian E-session by Riz and Lisa Photography

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