Outdoor Indian Engagement Party and Portraits

Smriti and Naimish continued their engagement celebrations with family and friends at an outdoor engagement party. Smriti traded her black dress and casual attire for a beautiful red and gold sari. Naimish looked handsome in something very few men can pull off - blue suspenders, blue tie, a checkered shirt, slacks, and blue sneakers! I love that even after the couple changed out of their "play" clothes they were still able to enjoy themselves during the shoot and act goofy.

My favorite images are a toss up between Naimish jumping over Smriti (do you see their facial expressions??) and the shot of Smriti posing with Naimish kicking up his heels in the background! Hugo Juarez Photography did a great job capturing all of the colors and shadows while still managing to tell a story in every shot!

Thank you so much to Hugo Juarez Photography for submitting these beautiful images, and congratulations to Naimish and Smriti!

Check back with us tomorrow as we continue engagement session week with two new couples!

Outdoor Indian Engagement Party and Portraits

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