Your Pre-Wedding Bucket List (Things To Do Before Tying The Knot)

You already know tying the knot is going to change things. But your pre-wedding days are also the best time for you and your partner to achieve your bucket list goals-together. So travel newer roads and strike all those crazy things off your bucket list, so you enter into marriage with no regrets. Here’s a list of 6 essential things you must do before you marry!


If you’re one that loves getting around, this is the best time to get moving. You can plan a trip with your fiancé- which can act as a great bonding time-or go solo. This is the time when you can feed your wanderlust and visit all those places you’ve wanted to visit.woman-using-peru-travel-appSource

Meet With The Families

This is true for your immediate family and your to-be family. Spend more time relaxing and doing fun things with your family. In fact, it would be a good idea to have his family over as well. Go for luncheons, movies and meet over tea- this is the best time for you to get to know each other’s’ families.IN LAWSSource

Splurge On Yourself

Marriage is essentially the communion of two individuals. Set aside some personal time for yourself before you commit to another person. Understand yourself better, know what pleases you and do that more often. Be extra nice to yourself before your wedding-it shows.SPLURGESource

Invest In Some DIY

It could be anything-even the less crafty of us will probably enjoy creating something unique nice in a while. Whether it’s a culinary art, or your trousseau, dare to create something on your own. Not only does this act as a stress buster, but it might also reveal a hitherto unknown side of yourself.Tassel-Neckalces-17Source

Sort Your Finances

Clear any outstanding credit to your name and start a savings account. Educate yourself on your finances- this is not only good for your own peace of mind, but developing healthy investment habits ensures you don’t bleed your pockets in the wrong places.CCBill-20120401Source

Live Alone

While this may seem daunting at first, give it a try. Living alone has its own benefits. You get to figure out how you like living, your habits and dislikes when it comes to the house. You also become more independent and understand how to make things work for yourself. things-no-one-told-you-about-living-aloneSource

Our ultimate checklist of things you must do before your wedding.


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