New Le Bijou Summer 2015 Collection by Elan

Prepare to be mesmerized by the "Le Bijou" Summer 2015 bridal collection by Élan! Each piece from the collection is fully beaded with intricate embroideries and peak-a-boo skin. From gowns to sari-hybrids, lenghas and anarkhali's there are outfits for everyone. Custom made for the occasion these outfits can go straight from the runway to down the aisle!

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I'm not really sure which outfit is my favorite because I would wear each and every single one in a heartbeat. The pale pinks and the white with silver beading make the perfect backdrop for each ensemble.

11722451_10153516586918442_5381800337410349030_o 11722530_10153516586928442_4396206085162506277_o 11722643_10153516586913442_6226826157799245602_o 906010_10153516586923442_4133175869958087521_o


Which one is your favorite? Sound off on our Facebook page!


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