Day 1 of Lakme Fashion Week Summer 2015

Lakme Fashion Week continued Day 1 debuts with shows from designers Pallavi Singhee, ILK and Yogesh Chaudhary each debuting their Summer Resort Collections.

In her latest collection, Verb by Pallavi Singhee, Singhee incorporated breezy light weight flowing dresses with floral accents. Playing around with modern suits, pants, skirts and dresses she made sure each piece could be worn from the beach straight to dinner!

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Another designer incorporating florals into their Summer Resort 2015 collection is ILK By Shikha and Vanita. Using more of a 3D textured look, the designers made sure the pieces popped out at you. By using monochromatic background colors the floral elements stole the show. One other point to note are how the designers choose to focus soley on high necked options with their newest collection.

11066654_10152637608305936_7046630740754869992_o 11080530_10152637608270936_3587722056290114998_o 1974118_10152637608195936_533216644199875059_o 10551714_10152637607835936_6251811289280589529_o 11036085_10152637607345936_8627042178781638518_o

Rounding out Day 1 of Lakme Fashion Week was SURENDRI by Yogesh Chaudhary. Taking a cue from a traditional Sari, Chaudhary drapped elegant embroidered fabric around the models. I love the pairing with the high necked tops and the filled out choli's. My favorite is his gown-sari hybrid- gorgeous!

1799895_10152637610235936_4067346879142039913_o 11034433_10152637610255936_976724200961660703_o 11074607_10152637610445936_3970572983709828760_o 11084031_10152637611055936_6231858236480621945_o 10828115_10152637611460936_3738512971993284410_o 10818351_10152637611735936_6264991776316890495_o


Day 1 of Lakme Fashion Week Summer 2015

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