Giuseppe Zanotti Modern Indian Bride Heels

In honor of winter, today's featured Tuesday Shoesday style is sure to heat things up. Italian Shoe Designer/Guru Giuseppe Zanotti has created a fierce evening sandal that is sure to be a scene-stealer! This sandal is not for everyone- it has to be for the right Indian bride: sassy, confident, modern, the bride that doesn't want the sandal with bows and glitter. It's for the bride that means business! I love the leaf-like embellishment that sits on the Specchio metallic leather upper. The double ankle-strapping is necessary to hold up the almost 5' heels! A great addition for the sexy, non-traditional Indian bride. It's definitely a great metallic style that will go from your wedding night to a night on the town and will always be a show-stealer!



Giuseppe Zanotti Coline 


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