Tuesday Shoesday - Tulle Indian Wedding Shoes

You ever hear that commercial that sings "the touch, the feel, the color- the fabric of our lives?" Well that is exactly how I feel about tulle! Maybe it's because every single "big" moment in my life has been accompanied by tulle- my signature baby portrait, dance recitals, sweet 16, prom, college formals and finally my wedding, or maybe just because once you slip something on that has tulle there is no way you won't feel like a princess, but whatever it is I love it!

Unfortunately I can't really think of too many more occasions where I will be able to get away with wearing big poofy tulle attire but I did find some gorgeous wedding shoes that can be up-cycled to post wedding formal shoe wear. These babies have just the right amount of tulle on them that even brides who aren't gaga for the poof can get behind them!

tulle 1

Gianmarco Lorenzi Collector Tulle sandal- Far Fetch

dusk 2

Badgley Mischka Dusk White, $149.99- Heels.com

Tuesday Shoesday - Tulle Indian Wedding Shoes

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