Top 12 Wedding Items for South Asian Brides to Shop for in India

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"Will You Marry Me?" - the most amazing 4 words to come out of your love's mouth. Also the onset of wedding planning stress!!! One of the most exciting and stressful things after those words is WEDDING SHOPPING - and for most of us that means going to India! It's no secret that the three of us love going to India for the food, seeing our families, and of course, shopping!

We have done "wedding shopping" in India three times already and have given recommendations to many brides on where to go and what to get. It's an art, we know, but not impossible if you know exactly what to come back with. Of course every bride makes a list of the basics that she will return with. However, we have come up with the top 12 items brides must come back with from India that are most often forgotten but essential to your wedding. For those not going to India for wedding shopping, you can find most of these things locally, but some are near impossible to find here (especially a version that you like)! Check out our list of "must bring-backs!" And make sure to pin it for your wedding shopping trip!


1. Kapur Gajra - typically a necklace and two bracelets worn by the bride on the wedding day
2. Ivory Bangles - traditionally worn by the bride to be able to perform the 'saptapati'
3. Pier (Wedding Bindi's) - traditionally worn around the eyebrows and temple during the wedding ceremony
4. Pooja Thali's with essentials - most pre-wedding and wedding ceremonies require several items, you will usually get a list from your pandit.
5. Safa (Hat) for groom and guests (guests optional)
6. Head Chunri for the wedding ceremony
7. Mindhan (ball on wrist for bride and groom) - traditionally worn by bride and groom at pre-wedding event, put on by pandit.
8. Fancy shawl to hide groom during bride's entrance
9. Shaker (grooms sisters shakes behind him during jaan) - this is a kalash (approx. 3 to 4 inches tall) with mug (indian lentil), rice, money and supari (areca nut) tied in red cloth
10. Fancy Envelopes for wedding gift exchanges
11. Gold Safety Pins - the best ones for Indian saris are from India, make sure to stock up!
12. Chunio (petticoat) for all your saris (plus extras in black, white, and red just incase)!


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Pictures 10, 11 & 12 from Pinterest.


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