Using the Search Features on Real Weddings

We are so thrilled with the latest features on Indian Wedding Site, especially our newest and fabulous Real Weddings section. With such a large collection of weddings, you might wonder were to begin or maybe you are looking for a particular type of wedding, no worries, we are here to give you a quick rundown on how to find what you are looking for. Indian weddings are so incredibly diverse that we have categorized everything. On the left hand corner, you will see a long column with drop down sections to make it easy to search.

Photo by Nadia D Photography

First we have Culture: Simply click on the word and a drop down menu of different cultures from Bangladeshi to Multicultural will appear. Perhaps you are looking for a ceremony type and this is where the Religion tab comes in handy, you can search by different religions from Hindu to Interfaith and much more. Looking for ideas for your outdoor wedding? Easily find what you are looking for by selecting the Setting tab, you will have a variety of wedding settings to choose from. stunning-gaylord-palms-resort-indian-wedding-by-asaad-images-1
Photo by Asaad Images

The Location tab will assist you in your search for weddings by location. That splendid wedding in Florida you were looking for? Yup, just select Florida from the drop down list and you will be able to find it. Maybe you are searching for engagement photo ideas or that fabulous celebrity wedding we featured a few months back, this is where the Other Events tab is useful. Finally, if you are just browsing, select the See All Weddings tab at the very bottom and all of the Real Weddings we have featured will appear. We hope you found this guide helpful and enjoy many hours of happy browsing!


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