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Weddings of Design is a structural genius who orchestrates beautiful works of art displayed as intricate card boxes. The company provides countless customizable options to suit any couple's décor themes and preferences. One winner will win an option of one of the below card boxes. Boxes are customizable as far as colors, adornment and frame. Winner also gets the option of the pillow and basket if needed. Retail value of $160. Winner will need to pay shipping. To ship to the Eastern coast prices range from $15-$20,West Cost is $30 and overseas is normally $55- $60.


Weddings of design Weddings of Design Box 1

About Weddings of Design:

We are the 'Home of the Themed Box' and would love the opportunity of making yours. Our boxes include many styles, from the traditional, elegant lace box to a more whimsical selection like our 'Topsy Turvy' one. We offer styles for every bride and if you don't see it, please ask. If you can imagine it, we can do it! Whatever design and style you choose, we strive to keep them elegant, classy, chic and unique!

We can also make accessories to match your box....pillows, baskets, guest book/pen set, garters, etc.

Having been in business since 2007, we have happy brides all over the U.S. and Internationally. From our local metropolitan area to Canada and the shores of Australia, we have had the privilege of assisting brides in their quest for the 'perfect wedding'.


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