Indian Wedding Beauty - Red Lips

Red lipstick is something that brides are either completely on board with, or something that they fear. Well, fear not, we have the 101 on pulling off this alluring color. Red lipstick is hot, even Lakmé's Absolute Royal collection by Sabyasachi features a gorgeous red called "Red Carpet", as seen on their latest ad campaign.

Photos courtesy of Lakmé

Choosing the perfect red lipstick is a lot of trial and error. That red hot shade that looked amazing on your best friend can make you look not so hot. Advice such as, if you are warm toned, stick to shades with an orange base and if you are cool toned stick to shades with a blue base, is very popular. While this is somewhat correct, it doesn't tell you the entire story. Blue based reds can look absolutely stunning on deeper, warm skin tones and orange based can be lovely on pale cool toned skin.  Much of this depends on the brightness of the lip color, hair and eye color and yes, your outfit. So don't be fearful of trying a gorgeous blue tone red like Mac Ruby Woo or Tom Ford Crimson Noir. You might be surprised at how wonderful it really looks.

To apply a red lip like a pro, you must make sure that your lips are flake free. To do this, use a lip scrub; we love The Lip Scrub by Sarah Happ. Or if you are in a pinch, lightly brushing with a soft toothbrush might do the trick. Dry lips are also something you want to avoid; make sure your lips are supple and soft with a good balm. An intense moisturizing lip balm like Hourglass Nº 28 Lip Oil fits the bill.

Once your lips are prepped, you can start to fill in your lips with the lipstick applied with a lip brush. Make sure you apply it in thin layers, blotting with a tissue in between layers. Remember, two thin layers will last longer than one gloppy one. Once you are all filled in, take a matching lip liner and lightly draw around the edge of your lips. Blend the lip pencil with the lip color with the brush. That's it! Whether you want a matte lip or a glossy red lip it's up to you.

Photo by Cathy and David Wedding Photographers

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