Bridal Shopping in India and Pakistan - Tips from Sonia C.

I'm sure most of us have imagined and dreamed of "The One" before our wedding. No, I don't mean the groom; we are talking about the perfect wedding dress! Shopping for a wedding outfit is no easy task; imagine shopping abroad and it becomes downright overwhelming. Well, fear not brides, our guest blogger and makeup artist extraordinaire, Sonia C., does all the hard work and gives you the lowdown on how to approach this monumental task.

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8 Easy Steps to Finding Your Bridal Outfit in India or Pakistan

  • Do your research

Make a list of all your top designers and research their work in advance.
Look at the designers work from the beginning of their career to where their collection has come to now. Are you looking for classic or innovative? What has the designer done in their time and can they create what you need? Will they have what you're looking for? How lenient are they on changing their designs if you want them to? Does the designer support child labor or child produced garments?

  • Get a phone as soon as you arrive. Seriously.

It's the only way to properly stay in touch with designers, their assistants, tailors and etc. Most people will give you an email address that they barely ever check. The best way to get what you need is by phone. It's also great to have for safety reasons.

  • Be prepared to meet with real designers on short notice

Contact designers in advance to make tentative appointments and introduce yourself. Everyone will tell you not to speak English with anyone, but in my experience, it was the only way to get my foot in the door!

  • Know where you're going and where you need to be

Print maps of the locations you need to go to before you get to the country of shopping. If you have a driver they might know where you need to go, but it helps if you know what's nearby to the major places you want to hit, to minimize travel time and be on time for appointments.

Having friends or family near the hot shopping areas helps a TON. They know what times are the best to visit and they can also help you book your appointments with very exclusive places, by their own experience or what they've heard from other locals.

  • Stand your ground

Dress in the local fashion and be comfortable at the high-end studios. They can smell your fear and will behave rudely if you don't have confidence! Be loud and clear about what you need and make sure everything is in writing. Every payment, every detail of the garment you're getting, when it is going to be ready and/ or shipped to you, and what the policies are in case you hate it.

  • Don't waste time

When you find things you love, just go for it. If you feel like you found the one, then stop looking! Shopping at every bridal boutique and designer studio is not easily done in another country, so allow yourself to find "the one," even in a short amount of time.

  • Don't forget to breathe

Take a few minutes every now and then to have some alone time...reconnect with your wedding theme and all the ideas you wanted to fulfill on your trip and when you get home. Don't forget about why you're shopping and Especially don't forget about the person you're marrying at the end of this long road. Every time I lost my vision, all I had to do was have a chat with my man, to remind me of why I was doing it all!

  • Communicate with the designers/retailers when you get home

To make sure everything will be done and shipped to you on time, make sure you have contact information for all of your overseas vendors. Upon arriving home, let them know you can't wait to receive your items and thank them for the time they took to work with you. Keep in touch with them as time goes on and you will be glad you stayed on top of everything.

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Sonia C styled her first bride at the young age of 12 and has not stopped since then! She has worked around the globe providing women of all backgrounds with beauty advice and hair/makeup services. She is a formally trained artist with a passion for the South Asian bride. Sonia works as a professional artist for Louis Vuitton and NARS cosmetics. Contact Sonia C for your bridal needs -

Sonia C. is a Featured Vendor in the Indian Wedding Site Vendor Directory

Bridal Shopping in India and Pakistan - Tips from Sonia C.

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