Manish Malhotra Angeli Foundation Fashion Show

It's no secret that we are huge Manish Malhotra fans at so you could imagine our excitement when we saw his latest fashion show for the Angeli Foundation in London at the Grosvenor House. There are so many stunning dresses that will inspire you for your very own wedding. You might want to sit down with a cup of chai for this one because there are so many gorgeous photos.
Manish is not only a fabulous designer but also an altruist at heart; with many charity shows under his belt. The Angeli Foundation works to empower girls in India and to create gender equality. Because of its fairly new profile, a fashion show proved to be a successful avenue to bring awareness to their foundation. And of course, a proper fashion show would never be complete without Bollywood stars. Jaw-dropping stunning fashion and awareness to a great cause? What's not to love.

All photos courtesy of The Angeli Foundation via Facebook

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Manish Malhotra Angeli Foundation Fashion Show

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