Bonus Prize: A Rental from Saris and Things

We all love to wear new saris or lenghas to Indian weddings and other special occasions but that can get quite expensive.  Can we say "Thank you internet" because we can now get a huge selection of  fabulous outfits right at our fingertips. Even better, you don't have to commit to one outfit that you will probably only wear once; it can be rented.

Saris and Things is designed to be a one stop shop for everything sari related, including blouses, petticoats, jewelry and bindis. It is designed for smart women like you, who feel that spending a fortune on a new sari is a waste, especially if you are only going to wear it a just couple of times.

Guess what? Saris and Things is giving 7 lucky winners a chance to rent an outfit of their choice.  That's right, everyday you will have a chance to enter to win this prize*.  Hurry, giveaway ends Sunday! Simply fill out our entry form here and mention Saris and Things in the comments.

Don't forget to check out Saris and Things' Facebook page and come back for daily prizes. What will tomorrow be?

* Saris and Things winners must pay a $20 reservation & shipping fee

Bonus Prize: A Rental from Saris and Things

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