Tuesday Shoesday - Cinderella Louboutin Get the look

If you missed this past week's unveiling of Louboutin's rendition of Cinderella's glass slippers, fear not, we have them here for your viewing pleasure.  While they are not glass, they are made of more comfortable tulle and oh-so-in lace adorned with crystals all along the heel and topped with whimsical butterflies.  Not all of us can get our hands on one of the 20 pairs available as they will not be for sale but will be part of a giveaway from Disney and Louboutin.

So what's a girl to do? We found a few pairs of beautiful lace shoes to adorn with crystal butterfly shoe clips.. Let your creativity flow, if you want a different color butterfly go for it.  If butterflies are not your thing, why not try a different type of shoe clip or pin? You can also try this beautiful pair of Aruna Seth's popular Farfalla style in white lace, they already have a crystal butterfly attached.


Here are a some suggestions for styles of shoes and brooches:









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