Correcting Dark Under Eye Circles with Khuraira Cosmetics

"If you could change one thing, what would it be?" I always ask brides during their makeup consultation.  The answers vary from longer lashes, fuller lips or even skin tone, but one answer that seems constant is "get rid of these dark circles."  While some dark circles are due to lack of sleep, dehydration and allergies, others are hereditary and no matter how much sleep you get or eye cream you slather, they persist.

The best thing to do is to take all the precautions anyway but get a little help from a good concealer, even better try a color corrector.  "What's that?" you ask. It's adding a color that is the complete opposite of what you are trying to conceal.  A quick bit of color theory: colors that are across from each other on the color wheel (complimentary colors) neutralize when combined. So if you suffer from redness a bit of green corrector under your makeup will help. If you have deep bluish discoloration you would use something orange-red or peach if you are fair to correct the undertone.

Recently at Khuraira Cosmetics, I spotted this little compact with a bright orange red cream that I believed to be creme blush upon first sight. Upon closer inspection and an explanation from Jill, an account executive from Khuraira, it was revealed that it is a dark circle corrector. This little magical pot called Dark Circle Complex Primer has received a lot of press and I was invited to give it a go.

The texture in this corrector is perfect; it's not too oily and it's not dry at all.  The trick is to apply it sparingly and blend well with the concealer.  This is meant to be used under concealer. I was also invited to try Khuraira Age Control Concealer with Peptides.  I was given all three colors; light, medium and dark. Light has a yellow-peachy undertone, Medium has a little peachy orange undertone and Dark has a orange-red undertone. I really wish they added two more colors to the range including fair because the light would be too yellow for someone with fair skin, and deep because the dark is not dark enough for someone with very deep skin.

This was by far the silkiest and creamiest concealer I have tried and I've tried a lot. My under eye area is quite dry and I always use super rich eye cream so I tend to dislike dry concealers for under eye coverage. I didn't experience any of the dry texture that is common with many concealers at all. I would recommend setting with a little touch of setting powder to seal it properly, especially if you are prone to creasing.

I also used Khuraira Invisible Powder to set the concealer and it made everything set perfectly for hours without a heavy powdery look at all. This finishing powder compact was featured in Oprah and I can see why; it was really light and translucent.  I would definitely say this would be a perfect addition to any wedding makeup & touch-up kit, especially during the hot summer wedding season.  Here's a before and after of what was used:

My friend who is a makeup artist too asked me to assist her with this huge Indian wedding and I gladly took my Khuraira products with me. The Dark Circle Complex Primer had everyone worried at first when I applied it to the mother of the bride but after it made her dark circles and hyper pigmentation disappear, people were asking me about it.  Everyone looked so flawless!

Watch our blog in the coming weeks for your chance to win a prize bridal package from Khuraira Cosmetics!

This review contains products sent for us to try by the brand or its PR firm. We are not paid for reviews nor do we guarantee a good review.

Correcting Dark Under Eye Circles with Khuraira Cosmetics

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