Honolulu Hawaii Indian Wedding Film by Marrone Video

Good morning, everyone, or should I saw Aloha! I am SO excited to share today's CineMonday feature with you. I have never seen a wedding like this one, and I'm sure you haven't either! We've heard of and featured destination Indian weddings in locations like Puerto Rico, Miami and even cruise ships. But Karishma and Amit went all out with a celebration in Honololu, Hawaii with their nearest and dearest over the recent Thanksgiving weekend.

Marrone Video is a new discovery for us, but you can bet we'll be stalking them from this day forward. The same day edit they created for this couple is more than just a string of wedding highlights - it literally feels like a movie trailer for the next Romeo and Juliet movie. The angles, the cinematic effects and the blending of wedding events and romantic moments all come together to create a phenomenal film.

This Hawaiian wedding film by Marrone Video is going down as one of our favorites - both for its extravagance and its beautiful romance!

Must-See Moments:

  • The bride's gorgeous mehndi, jewelry, outfits, and everything else!

  • A baraat made up of Hawaiian dancers, Bhangra Dancers, Dhol Players, and dancers adorned in peacock feathers

  • A luscious Hindu wedding ceremony on the beach at sunset

  • A wedding exit that puts William and Kate's exit to shame, and reception table decor that would make Kim Kardashian jealous!

  • A Sangeet performance by RDB that made ME jealous!

  • The underwater mehndi shot and kiss at the end of the film.

A Boy's Dream - Karishma & Amit's Indian Wedding in Hawaii (Same-Day-Edit) from Marrone Video on Vimeo.

"Karishma and Amit had a true fairy-tale wedding, a dream come true, in a place full of passion and beauty - Hawaii. This was the most spectacular wedding I've ever had the privilege of witnessing, and it was such an honour to be part of it. We captured 50 hours of footage over the course of 5 days, and had but one day to put it all together for the finale of their wedding - the "Same-Day-Edit". This was the most complex SDE I've ever had to assemble, but it also came easy because the footage just spoke for itself, and our bride and groom were just perfect and beautiful together. This was definitely a wedding I will never forget. I hope you enjoy watching it!"

Honolulu Hawaii Indian Wedding Film by Marrone Video

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