Indian Destination Weddings on Beach or on the Rooftop?

You’ve decided you want a tropical destination wedding! You’ve also narrowed your choice of the island or the city you want to get married in. And now you need to zero down the resort that has the right choices for you to get married at!

Until 2-3 years ago the majority of couples wanted to get married on the beach, reports Jack Benoff, the President of Vacationeeze - a travel agency that specializes in designing tropical destination weddings. “Everyone dreamed of a beach wedding with their feet in the sand and the bridal party wearing sandals as they walked down the aisles.” Things have changed, Jack indicates, now there are many options. “We find that couples are now looking for something more formal; they want to wear their heels in the sand and surely heels don’t go well with the sand. We find that couples are looking for something different”. Here are some options at the resorts that Vacationeeze has helped clients plan their weddings at.


Garden Weddings-Most resorts now offer a venue surround by tropical foliage. This could be in their garden or around a fountain. Some resorts even has covered areas in the garden which provides cover from the sun. Most of the garden venues are private.


Beach Terrace-The terrace is becoming a popular venue as it provides the couple with the blue sky, turquoise water and white sand in the background of their pictures, but permits the guest to bypass the sand. Most terraces sit above the beach and have great views. Depending the resort and destination the terrace can also provide for amazing sunsets. Most beach terraces at the resorts tend to be out of the main flow of the resort which provides a semi private to private location. Most terrace locations have a dedicated gazebo.


Piers - Many resorts now offer piers that extend over the beach or over the water. Some offer a gazebo at the end of the pier. Some piers are open on the sides as well as above. Others offer a roof and some even offer tent like walls just in case it rains. In most cases the guest sit on the pier with the bridal party walking down the middle and the ceremony at the end of the pier with the beach and ocean providing an amazing back drop.

Roof Tops - The roof top is the newest trend in venues. They are 100% private and most have 360 degree views of the tropical surroundings as well as the ocean. Some resorts have built amazing roof top venues with led lighting, gazebo and webcams.

Chapels - Many resorts now have dedicated chapels to host the ceremony. Some resorts have dedicated catholic chapels.


Ballrooms and Indoor facilities - All resorts have indoor options to offer. Some resorts have dedicated indoor ballrooms and others will close a restaurant for you to hold your ceremony or events.

As you can see you are no longer limited to being married on the beach at the resort. Most resorts have several locations to choose from. It is important when you start the planning process that you discuss with your travel professional what your dreams are for your venue for your ceremony as well as your reception and cocktail party and other events. Some resorts will permit you to secure the venue when you make your initial reservation but there are other resorts that will not confirm your venues until 60 days prior to your arrival. As you look at your venue options you should also consider the time of day of your event based upon the month you will be hosting your wedding. Also remember that you should discuss “Plan B” with your travel professional and the wedding planner at the resort. Most resorts have a few “Plan B” options just in case of bad weather.

Looking for a specific venue for your ceremony or reception? Not sure which resorts might offer it. Feel free to contact Jack Benoff of Vacationeeze at or 215-454-2080. Jack has spent over 25 years helping clients plan their dream trips to tropical destinations.

You’ve narrowed your choice of the island or the city you want to get married. Now you need to decide on the resort or maybe first you need to think about where at the resort do you want to get married or have your reception and then find a resort that has those options.

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